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What Is Noise at University of Akron

What Is Noise will be in residence at the University of Akron October 6 through 8! On Friday October 6, WIN shares our Entrepreneurial Musicianship panel discussion with the School of Music at 7:30 PM, and on Sunday, October 8, WIN performs a concert for the Kulas Series at 3:00 PM with a pre-concert discussion at 2:15 PM. Our performance features works by Rob Smith (Sprint), Daniel Whitworth (Ripples in Infinity), Jensen Thomassie (Wander), Ricardo Lorenz(Fluteball), Kevork Andonian (A Footstep Too Far From My Soul), and Jennifer Jolley (How to be a Deep Thinker in Los Angeles), and tickets are $12 (students are free). All events take place in Akron, Ohio's Guzzetta Hall, and thank you to Amy Carson for facilitating our residency!


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