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Lindsey Goodman
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Amy Williams First Lines - Lindsey Goodman and Amy Williams
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Amy Williams Cineshape 1 - Lindsey Goodman and Scott Christian
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Amy Williams' work combines attributes often considered opposites: it is rigorous, yet playful; abstract yet personal; stylish but as bracingly frank as a cold shower. With her music, one encounters a radiant intelligence and clear sense of musical purpose that vaults past many of the issues customarily associated with discussion of new music. This recording presents her Cineshape series, and her First Lines duo for flute and piano. Flutist Lindsey Goodman, the JACK Quartet, percussionist Scott Christian, and Ms. Williams on piano realize the composer's cinematographic vision in this 2017 release on Albany Records.

“Goodman played with generous warmth of tone
and a fluid virtuosity.”

- David Williams, Charleston Gazette

Mathew Rosenblum Under the Rainbow - Lindsey Goodman
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Paul Osterfield Silver Fantasy - Lindsey Goodman
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Russell Pinkston Lizamander - Lindsey Goodman
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Mark Zanter Persistence of Memory - Mark Zanter
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Fresh from Navona Records comes PARMA recording artist Lindsey Goodman's Etereo (2020), a multi-composer album featuring the internationally acclaimed flutist in solo, duo, and trio settings. Goodman's virtuosic performances unleash the breadth of dynamic and tonal possibilities the flute offers, making for a riveting listener experience. 

In Etereo, flute virtuoso Lindsey Goodman captures the dramatic thrill of her stage performances. With flair backed by impressive technical ability, Goodman releases the fiery potential energy stored up within her instrument. Listeners who wish to challenge their assumptions and expand their appreciation for flute music need look no further than Etereo.

Josh Oxford Bluez - Lindsey Goodman
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Jennifer Jolley Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas - Leviathan Trio
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Joseph Schwantner Taking Charge, 3 - ASSEM3LY
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John Allemeier Bolamkin - ASSEM3LY
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ASSEM3LY is a dynamic trio championing chamber music of our time for flute, piano, and percussion. Comprised of flutist Lindsey Goodman, pianist Anne Waltner, and percussionist Scott Christian, ASSSEM3LY commissions and performs new works from established and emerging composers, and this recording is typical of their programming. Distinguished composer Joseph Schwantner's Taking Charge opens the recording (Albany Records, 2017), followed by Bolamkin, a work by John Allemeier. Ty Alan Emerson's Prospero on the Beach precedes the final work on the recording by Randall Woolf: Between Me, Myself, And The Lamp Post. The performances sparkle with intensity and commitment. A recording of music for an unusual, but very effective grouping of instruments.

Randall Woolf Between Me, Myself, And The Lamp Post - ASSEM3LY
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Flutist Lindsey Goodman presents her second solo album, returning to heights unseen (PARMA Recordings, 2018), which features eight commissioned works. Goodman is a budding composer’s dream, interpreting new music with impeccable style and tenacity. 

"Lindsey Goodman’s performances here are all a composer of new work would hope.  She has a rich tone and breath control that allows for interesting bends in sound  required by this music.  But further, her own dedication to the music itself ends up adding a compelling quality to the different works here.  Each tends to explore similar qualities in her playing, but the end results are quite different... For fans of new music for flute, this is a must to pick up and explore as one awaits Goodman’s next release."

- Steven Kennedy, Cinemusical

David Stock A Wedding Prayer - Lindsey Goodman
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Judith Shatin For the Fallen - Lindsey Goodman
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Judith Shatin Penelope's Song - Lindsey Goodman
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reach through the sky (New Dynamic Records, 2016) presents Lindsey Goodman’s debut album of six commissioned works by composers from the United States. The CD not only features Goodman as one of the premiere solo flutists in the country, but also a vocalist in a range of works that represent today’s stylistically diverse music scene. All of the pieces were written for Goodman and show the ultimate aim of collaboration between composer and performer. reach through the sky features music that taps into the sound worlds of both the traditional and experimental, showcasing the capabilities of an instrument that has touched the imagination of the human race for 35,000 years.

Grant Cooper Other Voices... - Lindsey Goodman
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