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Goodman Flute Studios Fall Studio Class Series

Goodman Flute Studios expands our studio class series with two sets of fall classes!

What is a studio class?

A studio class is a group session addressing a topic in depth or a group lesson for performances and feedback.

"Across the Centuries" is a five-class series exploring flute repertoire from 1600 to the 2020, covering baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century, and 21st century solo literature. Sessions include information on the historical periods, composers, and pieces, listening sessions, and custom packets of historical information with music samples to practice and play. Explore over four centuries of the best music for flute to find your new favorite bucket-list pieces!

"Performance Practice" is a four-class series providing a safe learning space for students to practice performing short pieces, etudes, or exercises for feedback from Ms. Goodman and their peers. Whether preparing for studio recital, solo and ensemble adjudicated events, ensemble auditions, or learning a new skill, feel more confident performing by doing it more often and practice critical listening skills and giving constructive criticism to improve your home practice!

Both sets of studio class series are geared towards junior high and high school flutists of any ability level, and flutists from anywhere in the world are welcome to attend and learn!

Held every other Tuesday from 6:00 - 7:00 PM EDT on Google Meets, studio classes are $20 each. Attend the both set of classes to enhance your overall knowledge and improvement as a flutist, one set of classes to focus on a specific topic, or attend specific classes of interest to your personal progress or schedule availability. Payment is accepted via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Contact Ms. Goodman at for details and to secure your spot in our studio classes!

Goodman Flute Studios Fall Studio Classes:

1. "Across the Centuries" class #1:

“Go for Baroque": Flute repertoire from 1600 - 1750

August 25th

2. “Performance Practice” class #1

September 8

3. "Across the Centuries" class #2:

“Cult Classics”: Flute repertoire from 1750 - 1820

September 22

4. “Performance Practice” class #2

October 6

5. "Across the Centuries" class #3:

“Isn't It Romantic”: Flute repertoire from 1820 - 1910

October 20

6. “Performance Practice” class #3

November 3

7. "Across the Centuries" class #4:

"So Last Century": Flute repertoire from 1910 - 2000

November 17

8. “Performance Practice” class #4

December 1

9. "Across the Centuries" class #5:

"20/20 Vision": Flute repertoire from 2000 - now!

December 15

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