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reach through the sky

On April 17th, my debut solo CD, reach through the sky, is released on New Dynamic Records. This disc features my flute, alto flute, and voice in performance of commissioned works by Grant Cooper (Other Voices...), Rob Deemer (The Road From Hana), Gilda Lyons (Chrysalis), Jeffrey Nytch and Jessica Melilli-Hand (Covenant), and Erich Stem (New Year's), Judith Shatin (Penelope's Song) with collaborators Scott Christian, percussion, Anne Waltner, piano, and Robert Frankenberry, piano and tenor, edited and mastered by Kojin Tashiro. Reach through the sky will be available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon, as well as through the label. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the journey towards this defining professional moment, especially NDR's artistic director Erich Stem.

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