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The Flutist's Electroacoustic Primer

On Thursday, March 25, I present "The Flutist's Electroacoustic Primer" for the flute students of Sand Dollar Music! I'll perform Elainie Lillios's Sleep's Undulating Tide for flute and live-processed electroacoustics, give my signature presentation, and allow students to try out electronic music for themselves with a small group of socially-distanced student flutists at the Springboro Chamber of Commerce in Springboro, Ohio. Thank you to studio co-founder Sarah Robertson for the invitation to share the wide world of electronic music with her students!

On Sunday, April 10, enjoy "The Electroacoustic Flutist's Primer"from anywhere in the world as part of the Central Ohio Flute Association Festival! Join me for this one-hour presentation exploring electroacoustic music, and featuring a performance of Elainie Lillios's Sleep's Undulating Tidefor flute and live-processed electroacoustics, at your leisure for an entire week from Saturday, April 10 through Friday, April 16. Registration is $12 (free for students, seniors, and Ohio State University faculty and staff) through Eventbrite. Thank you to Central Ohio Flute Association president Alex Goad for the invitation to present at the festival!

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