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PANdemonium4 "Flutes in Flight"

PANdemonium4 is excited to perform "Flutes in Flight" on the Music at St. Mary Concert Series on Sunday, January 15! This 4:00 PM concert at St. Mary Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio features the world premiere of a concerto grosso by English baroque composer William Boyce arranged especially for us by David Galbraith Woods alongside works by Columbus composers Tony Zilincik (It's Pandemonium!) and Linda Kernohan (My Compass Still To Guide Me), and old masters like Mozart ("Overture" to The Marriage of Figaro), as well as new masters like Eric Ewazen (Harmony in Blue and Gold) and David L. McIntyre (Argyle Street). Tickets are $20, and children under 12 are free. Thank you to artistic director Mark Voris for the invitation to perform on the second season of this community concert series!


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