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Online Presentations and Masterclasses

Ready or not, the new academic year is here! Unlike the spring, we've had time to prepare, but the road ahead is still an upward path. Let me help!

I offer a wide variety of virtual presentations and masterclasses for colleges, universities, studios, schools, and groups to enhance learning for online, face-to-face, and hybrid programs! Easily customizable to individual programs' needs and accompanied by bespoke written materials, these presentations have been shared with hundreds of student, professional, and amateur musicians at colleges and universities across the country. Interested in a topic not listed here yet? I'm also developing new presentations for 2020 - 2021!

Reach out at to discuss, ideate, and book any of the virtual presentation or masterclass options below to complement the fall semester for your flutists, composers, and music departments!

Presentations: * "So, What's Next?": Portfolio Careers and Music Entrepreneurship * "Social Media for Performing Musicians" * "The Performer's Electroacoustic Primer" * "The Musician's Crowdfunding Primer" * "Studio Building": Building, Growing, and Thriving as a Private Studio Teacher * "Extend Your Musicianship": Flute Extended Techniques for Daily Practice and Beyond * "The Warm-Up Workout": Efficient and Effective Flute Warm-up Techniques * "The Flutist's Electroacoustic Primer" * "Vibrato 101": Discovering and Refining Your Flute Vibrato * "Multiple Tongue Twisters": Double, Triple, and Diaphragm Articulation for Expressive Flute Playing * "Meet the Piccolo": A Piccolo Primer for Beginner to Intermediate Players * "Across the Centuries": 400+ Years of Flute Repertoire and Composers * "The Flute Hall of Fame": Famous Flutists Through the Centuries * "Flute Forward": Writing for Contemporary Flute

Masterclasses: * flute masterclasses (any ability level) * composer reading sessions (any ability level) * chamber music coaching (any ability level)

Services: * flute lessons (any ability level) * one-on-one career coaching

Photo by Joshua Brown

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