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Press for ETEREO

My new album, Etereo, is garnering press around the country!

The first review is in, and Etereo is a hit, according to Take Effect:

"An album anchored by Lindsey Goodman’s inimitable flute prowess..."

"...Goodman’s in excellent company on New Music For Flute, and together they illuminate her unparalleled flute skill perfectly."

"...incredible flute acrobatics from Goodman..."

On release day, January 10th, I was live on West Virginia Public Broadcasting for an interview with host Matt Jackfert, performing Josh Oxford's Bluez and Bruce Babcock's Soliloquy live and playing works from the album by Mara Helmuth and Jason Taurins. Listen to the full broadcast from the WVPB website.

I was also live in studio at WOSU in Columbus, Ohio this month with host Jennifer Hambrick, performing Bruce Babcock's Soliloquy and Josh Oxford's Bluez and live and talking about this made-in-Columbus album. Watch the video interview from the WOSU website.

I'm the featured guest on the Lexical Tones podcast from Adjective New Music, talking with host Robert McClure about the album and playing works by Jennifer Jolley (featuring the Leviathan Trio), Josh Oxford, Jason Taurins, and Alla Cohen (featuring the Chrysalis Duo). Listen to my episode on SoundCloud or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Etereo tracks are also being played on radio stations across the continent, including on:

CKIA, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (Jolley Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas)

WCNY, Syracuse, New York (Cohen Watercolors of the Master)

Haven't purchased your copy of Etereo yet? Follow this link for all of the options to buy the physical disc, purchase the digital version, or stream it on your favorite outlets!

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