My new album RETURNING TO HEIGHTS UNSEEN continues to garner positive press and radio airplay!

Noted new music blog I Care If You Listen gives the album a glowing review:

"Goodman's personal relationships with this album's composers reveal a musician whose collabor

"Goodman’s personal relationships with this album’s composers reveal a musician whose collaborative work infuses her artistry."

"Goodman’s flute and vocal virtuosity continue to shine..."

"While many of the record’s touching moments radiate from the breathful humanity of Goodman’s playing, the zenith of her performance comes when she is both singer and vocalist."

A review from Review Graveyard says:

"I really could appreciate the finer points of Goodman's performances... She takes an diverse cross section of modern composers work and injects her own personality into them."

The Winnipeg Free Press review raves that:

"American flutist Lindsey Goodman scales musical heights with this new release..."

Tracks from the album continue to be played on radio stations around the world:

Radio Horizon (South Africa): Elainie Lillios Sleep's Undulating Tide, David Stock A Wedding Prayer, Judith Shatin For the Fallen, Linda Kernohan Demon/Daemon

WRUV (VT): Judith Shatin For the Fallen, Tony Zilincik I Asked You, David Stock A Wedding Prayer

WTUL (LA): Roger Dannenberg Separation Logic

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