Album crowdfunding campaign launches!

Today, Saturday, September 9th, an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launches to raise the remaining funds necessary to finish audio post-production, design, marketing, promotion, release, and distribution of my next solo album, returning to heights unseen. Learn more by watching the official campaign video above.

For returning to heights unseen, I pair one of the oldest instruments with cutting-edge technology, allowing disparate elements to speak collectively about our desire for connection across a rapidly-shrinking globe. I collaborated closely with composers Roger Dannenberg, Linda Kernohan, Elainie Lillios, Judith Shatin, David Stock, Randall Woolf, Roger Zahab, and Tony Zilincik during the creation of their new solo and electroacoustic flute works, premiered and performed the pieces, and recorded them to uphold the composer-performer bond, but no musical work is complete without an audience. returning to heights unseen brings this music to the world through an album distributed by Naxos of America on PARMA Recordings' Navona Records label releasing May 11th, 2018! The album is nearly done, but to finish and release, the disc, we need YOU!

This campaign has multiple funding milestones. $7450 fully funds audio post-production, design, marketing, promotion, release, and distribution for returning to heights unseen, making the May 11th, 2018 release date a reality. At $8850, the composers are reimbursed for their studio recording time, and, at $10,650, the performer is reimbursed for the studio time which brought the project to its pre-mastered phase. We are all committed to this album (read more below), and want you to be, too! There are exciting perks for donating to the project: score the physical CD, PDFs of works on the album, tickets to a live performance, a piece written for you, or a private concert. At every level of support, you are guaranteed absolute appreciation!

“The visible breath, artificial and serene, of inspiration returning to heights unseen.” - Stéphane Mallarmé This quote is one of the inspirations behind Linda Kernohan's Demon/Daemon, and it speaks directly to the possibility of writing new music for flute. One of the most flexible and organic of all instruments, the flute, especially when paired with technology, is almost limitless in its capacity for expression, and the works on returning to heights unseen span the gamut of human emotion and push the limits of what is possible, both in electroacoustics and physical virtuosity, while expressing the world outside our windows in 2017. My debut solo album, reach through the sky, was released in April 2016 to critical acclaim, and I've also recorded solo, chamber, and orchestral music for eight albums on the New World, Albany, New Dynamic, and Navona labels, among others. As an artist, nothing is more important to me than sharing new music with the world!

Seven of the eight works on returning to heights unseen are recorded, edited, mixed, pre-mastered, and ready for release! The eighth piece will premiere at an exclusive event on this campaign's launch date, September 9th, and will be recorded and ready for delivery to PARMA Recordings one month later. This album is in the can, and every member of the returning to heights unseen team has already put their money where their mouth is. The composers paid for their recording time in the studio up front, and the performer paid for studio editing, mixing, and pre-mastering out of pocket. I thank Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. for their generous support of returning to heights unseen and for the flute which gives her music making its voice. Lindsey and composer Elaine Lillios are grateful to Bowling Green State University for their MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music Recording Grant and Building Strength Small Research Project Award, which fully funded the recording, editing, mixing, and premastering of Sleep's Undulating Tide. Lindsey is indebted to Tuff Sound Recording in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for recording, editing, mixing, and premastering seven of the tracks and to PearlArts Studios for their generous support of this crowdfunding campaign. We are all committed to the success of returning to heights unseen, and we invite you to be part of the team, too! Thank you for supporting returning to heights unseen!

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