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New recording project

I am thrilled to announce that I have contracted with PARMA Recordings to release my second solo album of commissioned works by living American composers, and recording is underway this winter! Roger Dannenberg's Separation Logic for flute and live-processed electroacoustics is already "in the can", and, this month, I record David Stock's A Wedding Prayer for flute and fixed media, Roger Zahab's suspicion of nakedness for solo flute, Tony Zilincik's I Asked You for improvised flute and fixed media, Linda Kernohan's Demon/Daemon for solo flute, and Randall Woolf's The Line of Purples for flute and fixed media at Tuff Sound Recording in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In January, I also record Elainie Lillios's Sleep's Undulating Tide for flute and live-processed electroacoustics at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Stay tuned as this project takes shape, including an opportunity for YOU to be involved next fall!

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