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National Flute Association Convention

At this year's 50th anniversary convention of the National Flute Association in Chicago, Illinois, I'm incredibly honored to be presenting "The Visible Breath", a 60-minute solo recital of signature commissioned works! I'll perform pieces by Rob Deemer (The Road From Hana), Jenny Bernard Merkowitz (Old Soul), Josh Oxford (Bluez), Tony Zilincik (I Asked You), Randall Woolf (The Line of Purples), Linda Kernohan (Demon/Daemon), and Judith Shatin (Penelope's Song) on the NFA's new "Coffeehouse Concerts" series on Friday, August 12 at 4:45 PM.

All convention activites take place at the Hilton Downtown Chicago, and NFA members may register for the convention online. Non-members and/or non-flutists may purchase a single-event ticket for $20. I hope to see many flute and composer friends at the convention!


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