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Chrysalis Duo "Stories, Myths, and Folktales"

The Chrysalis Duo is thrilled to present "Stories, Myths, and Folktales", a new educational outreach program, in Charleston, West Virginia, partnering with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra through funding from the City of Charleston American Rescue Plan! This musically-accessible event for kids, families, and adults on Saturday, January 21 shares musical works that speak to our human love of storytelling and elements of West Virginia's historic cultural diversity. This special 3:00 PM event on Charleston's historic West Side will be free and open to the public at Emmanuel Baptist Church. The duo will feature works by Akin Euba (Study in Polyrhythm No. 3), John Corigliano (Three Irish Folk Songs), C.W. Gluck ("Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits" from Orpheus), Robert Frankenberry (Memory, Echoed), and David Del Tredici ("Acrostic Song" from Final Alice).

The previous day on Friday, January 20, Chrysalis is also happy to share this musical program with students at Grandview and Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary Schools during their school day. Robert Frankenberry and I are grateful to Joe Tackett, Betty King, Maddie Helbling, and the entire WVSO staff for making these events possible!


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